About Us

Kirby Edmonds and Laura Branca are the managing partners of Training for Change (TFC) Associates, a training and consulting firm founded in 1982 and based in Ithaca, New York. They have worked in corporate as well as in not-for-profit environments, with unions, educational institutions, federal, state and local government organizations,  and grassroots community organizations.

They have designed training workshops, racial healing dialogue processes, written manuals, and provided consulting services for a wide variety of organizations and networks such as UNICEF, NTEU, Corning, Inc., Pennsylvania Department of Health, National Skill Standards Board, the National Rural Development Partnership, Supreme Court of Ohio, AFLCIO, union executives in the manufacturing sector, the migrant workers’ alliance in New York state, and multicultural leadership projects for youth.

TFC designs and conducts customized workshops in many topic areas such as communication skills, group facilitation skills, supervisory effectiveness, team-building, visioning, coaching, collaborative problem-solving and building consensus, stress management, cultural competence and human rights education. They also provide consulting services for networking and coalition building, organizational change and development, strategic planning, leadership development, building culturally competent organizations and managing diversity in the workplace.


Kirby and Laura are both trained mediators with over 30 years’ experience managing and resolving interpersonal, multi-party, inter-organizational and community conflicts. They also teach courses in conflict management and cooperative conflict resolution.